Roll them dice!

Posted by Jim on April 29, 2010 with No Commentsas , , ,

Gaming!!! The last few weeks have had some great gaming sessions.

Billy has got Kris and I involved in a Mutants & Masterminds game that he is running on vent. M&M is a True20 game (you only use a d20) that is based on comic book style heroes. My character is a mystic that I based on Dr Orpheus from ‘The Venture Bros.’, Kristen is playing Anger Girl from City of Heroes, and Charlie is playing a character based on one of his toons from Champions Online. I liked my first play sessions so much that I ordered the main book and the magic sourcebook. Ok, I really don’t need an excuse to buy more gaming books, but it really is a lot of fun. We ran through all that Billy had for us (the basic adventure in the back of the book), so we have to wait until he can come up with more for us.

We have taken a bit of a break from my Mage game. We have been wanting to play, but it’s been hard to get everyone together. One of the problems of having a big group is trying to work out everyone’s schedule so we can all get together. I hope that I can get most of the people together soon. At least 4 or 5 out of the 7 that are currently playing it. We have had a few one on one sessions that have gone well. Billy’s character went on a seeking and raised his arete.

A few weeks ago Erik had mentioned that he would run a D&D game so that I could play in it. We had our first session this week and it was fantastic. Kris, Ashley, Matt and I are playing various classes and it is going well. Kristen and I rehashed our old 3rd edition characters Kendyll and Shreeve. 4th edition is a lot different. I used to be more a smooth talker sort of rogue, but 4e kind of forces you to be a certain way. I am more of a kill kill kill rogue now. Which isn’t that bad because I used to be something of a pussy. 🙂