Posted by Jim on September 30, 2012as

We are mostly moved into our new place in Cape Coral. It’s an older quirky 4 bedroom/2 bath house in NE CC. We are just off Hancock and Del Prado. It’s a nice size with a fenced in back yard so Kouga can run til he passes out. 🙂

It’s a little quirky because it has been added on to a few times in the past. And I doubt that all the work was done with permits and contractors. In fact, I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t. They recently tiles the floors and they didn’t do much to level the floor, so not much sits flat. Some of the doors will need to be adjusted so that they fit a bit better. But all in all I like it. Hopefully we will be here for a few years.

A major plus of it is that we are like 10 minutes away from Grandmas. Now if we want to go out to a movie or to dinner, we don’t have to work out how to get VJ to mom’s house. A big draw back is that we are about an hour away from a lot of our friends. 🙁

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